Greetings to Blacstone Designs and Artistic Trace Gems™ Memorial Jewelry

Red Grace Final 2
Calming Grace

Greetings! Welcome to this journey & let’s enjoy this path together…a path for which I desire to bring smiles, perhaps insights, a slight chuckle or two at any of my good natured puns, and learning’s of all sorts that I would just like to share with you.

AND a key learning which I already must share, is how important it is to align with an individual & company for which you respect & trust.

Amy Drews, her company Simply Fine Design, took my rambling ideas, creations & hopes, and fine-tuned them into a fine website, (incl. this blog! yes blogging is new to me), for which I am excitingly proud & anxious to travel along this path.

Thank you Amy.