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Respecting Your Privacy & Confidentiality
It is absolutely essential that any customer information provided to me for the creation of Trace Gems™ products will not be shared, rented or sold.

Crematory/Funeral Homes
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Veterinary Clinics
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Trace Gems™ Customer Testimonials

“Trace Gems provided me with a beautiful way to honor my father’s memory and to share that with my family. The stones and settings were lovely and varied enough to suit women, men and different tastes. Wearing and holding the glowing gems brings me great comfort. Sheila of Blackstone Designs was very reverent and respectful of my father and my feelings throughout the process, having known loss and grieving herself. I had no doubt that my father’s ashes were handled with utmost care and respect. I would highly recommend Trace Gems from Blackstone Designs to memorialize a loved one who has passed away as I plan to do again since my grandmother has also recently passed. Andrea Van Iniguez”