Frequently Asked Questions

Trace Gems™

Will I be able see my loved one’s cremation remains in the Trace Gems™ pendant?
Yes, if you were to use a magnifying glass or a jeweler’s loupe, you can actually see the cremation remains suspended within the Trace Gems™.

Our family wants to have memorial Trace Gems™ of our deceased family member, yet we will be honoring with a burial and not a cremation. Do we have an option?
Oh yes. Trace Gems™ can also be created with a small remnant of your loved one’s hair, which will be used in the Trace Gems™.

How do I know that my loved one’s cremation remains are in the Trace Gems™?
The Integrity & Process along with the observance of reverence for your departed is my personal commitment to you.

Do the cremation remains contain the DNA of the deceased loved ones?
No, the intense temperature of the cremation process eliminates the DNA

Can we have the ashes of our parents combined into the same Trace Gems™?
Yes indeed. In creating your Trace Gems™, I will combine a minute amount of cremation remains from each of your deceased individuals cremation remains into the same Trace Gems™ creation.

Does Trace Gems™ ship to International customers?
Trace Gems™ are currently only supporting US customers.

How do I get my loved one’s cremation remains to you?

A couple of options:

  1. You can ask your Cremation/Funeral Home to contact me, and I will work directly through them for the Trace Gems™ process
  2. Contact me directly and I will send out a Trace Gems™ kit to you for collecting and securely shipping the cremation remains to me, along with additional information and release form. (Note: USPS is the only shipping method for cremation remains.)
  3. If the customer is in the Portland, Oregon & suburban area, a pick-up & delivery may be coordinated.

Pet Trace Gems™ Charms

What is the difference between the Pet Trace Gems™ Charms & Trace Gems™ ?
A couple of key differences are the materials used for the Trace Gems™ are fine silver & sterling silver. Also, with Pet Trace Gems™ Charms options includes copper enameled charms that contain your pet’s cremation ashes.